Stockholm Eats: Johan & Nyström Konceptbutik

Stockholm Eats: Johan & Nyström Konceptbutik

I was chatting with a Swedish colleague, who told me that since World War II, Sweden has really always soaked up American culture. So when something became popular in the US, Sweden would adopt it quickly.

I had kind of thought it was reverse, that trends would start in Scandinavia and Sweden, and then reach the US.

Who's right? I can only say that, just like my visit to Copenhagen a couple years ago, I was thoroughly impressed with trendy the food scene was, from a multitude of artisanal coffee shops to restaurants exploring how to be ever more local or sustainable. Kind of like San Francisco, but even more so.

For example, Johan & Nyström is a coffee and tea company with a boutique in the Södermalm neighborhood. I ordered a pour over coffee (something I crave after living in Spain, land of espresso-based drinks).

My friendly barista preparing my coffee, carefully measuring the coffee and water on a scale.

When my barista was finished brewing my coffee, he came over to where I was seatd with the glass pot and cup, and told me more about the coffee, that it was naturally processed. He asked me if I knew what that meant (I didn't), and he explained that it was common from poorer areas like Nigeria, where my coffee was from. There the coffee is dried in elevated racks, naturally in the sun, until it loses 90% of moisture. Through this slow, natural drying process, intense flavors can develop, like strawberry and vanilla in the case of my coffee.

Got a delicious, light cinnamon roll as a snack.

Besides the awesome and knowledgeable service, I loved the space of the café. Sure there are tables, but there's also an area where the seating is on steps, kind of like an amphitheater, and then there are these cosy ledges where I was situated, with cushions and clever tables coming out of the ledges.

So perhaps the third wave artisanal coffee trend started in the US, but I think that perhaps it's taken to the next level in Scandinavia, with even more personal service, more detailed explanations, even better design.


Johan & Nyström Konceptbutik

Swedenborgsgatan 7



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