Hearty Alsatian Cuisine at Wine Tavern Fink'Stuebel

Hearty Alsatian Cuisine at Wine Tavern Fink'Stuebel

Besides storybook scenery, the food of Alsace-Lorraine was something that really drew me to visit. And apparently the wine taverns are the place to go for hearty, traditional food.

Fink'Stuebel fit be bill.

The interior was so atmospheric! I can imagine how cosy it would be here on a cold winter day.

First came a one-sip amuse bouche, some kind of creamy soup.

I ordered the Pâté en Croûte. This picture doesn't show how huge the portion is! The pastry came with some foie gras embedded. While I'm not a foie gras lover, it's one of this region's treasured products, so I'm glad I tried it at its source. The Pâté en Croûte was accompanied by a similarly huge portion of salad, which looked freshly prepared (i.e. not from a bag)

This shot better shows the scale of the portion.

I was completely stuffed, but I spied a cheesecake on the way to my table. I had heard an interview with the chef Gabriel Kreuther on a podcast before coming to Strasbourg, and he specifically mentioned the cheesecake of Strasbourg, because it's made with egg whites. The restaurant went completely over the top and served it with ice cream, whipped cream, and creme anglais.

While the idea of using egg whites makes it more similar to Japanese cheesecake, this wasn't quite as fluffy and light as Japanese cheesecake. It was more firm, yet less unctuous than typical New York cheesecake.

I left Fink'Stuebel so full, I was waddling like a poor goose being fattened up... 



26 Rue Finkwiller

67000 Strasbourg


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