Lodging Review: Hôtel Vendôme, Strasbourg France

Lodging Review: Hôtel Vendôme, Strasbourg France

Though I was in Strasbourg two days and Stuttgart one, I spent only one night in Strasbourg and two in Stuttgart due to flight and train schedules.

I thought choosing a place near the train station would be handy, to drop bags off upon arrival in the morning, and to leave in storage and pick up again just before boarding the train.

With a rate of just $64 including taxes for one night, the price was right. And as you can see in this photo, it really was right next to the modern, bulbous Strasbourg train terminal.

I like how in Europe there are actually single rooms with a twin bed, for solo travelers. That means the room cost really does work out to be less than double rooms. While small, the room was quite efficient with a desk and closet. But the ledge (in the foreground) to put suitcases on was tapered, so you really couldn't even put a small carry-on bag on it, and open it at the same time.

The bathroom, and especially the shower, were extremely tiny. But the bathroom had a frosted glass window towards the window of the bedroom, bringing in natural light. I think even if this were the design in double rooms, the bathroom doesn't lack privacy because there was a real door and the glass was well frosted.

The view from my room was great! I looked directly out at the Strasbourg train station.

The staff here are extremely friendly; I especially got along well with a Bulgarian student manning the reception desk one day.

The only complaint I would have is that the luggage storage was not secure. They did have what looked like a storage room with a door, but the owners said it was "full" both days. So they instructed me to leave it in the lobby, just next to the chairs. Now, if you look at the lobby, you'll see it's super tiny, and strangers can't easily walk in and out of it without being noticed, since you have to walk past the reception desk. But if the desk clerk is sitting at the desk, or attending to another matter, I feel like someone could slip out with a bag or reach in an outer pocket for something.

Or maybe I was just missing the feeling of security?


Hôtel Vendôme

9 Place de la Gare

67000 Strasbourg


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