Trip Report: Frankfurters in Frankfurt at the Lufthansa Senator Lounge, and FRA-VLC Economy

Trip Report: Frankfurters in Frankfurt at the Lufthansa Senator Lounge, and FRA-VLC Economy

After the SFO-FRA flight, my stop after immigration is always the Senator Lounge thanks to Gold status. We landed on time, but the passport control lines were quite long as they often are. We had to wait upstairs from the passport control area until the line cleared out a bit, then we were allowed to line up in the actual line. This wasn't as bad (or chaotic) as it sometimes can be - once there were so many people that we were directed to hike to the other end of the terminal to go through another checkpoint.

I had about a 6 hour layover, so I wasn't stressed, but there were quite a few people who had to cut in line to make their flight. And in a huge coincidence, my row-mate on my SFO-FRA was also flying on to VLC and told me that he missed the earlier flight he was originally booked on, so had to be rebooked on my flight! FRA simply isn't the place for tight connections... Because between passport control, and the potentially long walk to and from the gates, and potential need to take the tunnel to the B gates with the slowest elevators that take you to and from the elevators, the time quickly runs out.

And anyway, the Senator Lounge isn't a place to hang out, so might as well book the safer and longer connection.

I always like to have a shower after a long flight, and I find the design of these shower rooms to be particularly practical, because there's sufficient space to put luggage, there's a towel rack within reach, counter space, etc.

I wasn't terribly hungry, so at first I had just a slice of strawberry cream cake. I have the impression that this is very German, because a German friend's mom made this for us when I visited their house outside of Frankfurt one summer!

Today's dishes were hot dogs (or maybe they really are called Frankfurters in Frankfurt!) and chili con carne. Too bad there weren't hot dog buns! I love the kaiser rolls, but it was a bit awkward to eat with the chili and hot dog, but it was still a yummy combination. I guess because I was in a summer cookout mood, I also had the potato salad which they always have in the salad bar. I was doubtful of the semolina pudding with raspberry sauce, but it was delicious! There was a milkiness and creaminess that put it above a regular pudding or rice pudding. I got seconds of it.

I might have even gone for thirds, but eventually they reverted to regular pudding. Oh how I pig out in lounges!

I love the Lufthansa yellow and blue livery. I find it such a pity that they are moving to a livery that lacks the yellow field. There is so much positive brand equity in this design, and I think they're just throwing it all away.

Taxiing out from our remote stand (another reason to book a longer layover in FRA!), we were treated to views of Lufthansa's plane with the retro livery. Again, why is Lufthansa ditching the blue and yellow tail??

Such a pretty livery! This used to be found on Lufthansa's Lockheed Constellations.

As usual, there was a choice of sandwiches offered: salami or cheese. Since I always get the meat or salami sandwich, I decided to try the cheese this time. It wasn't bad: the bread with sunflower seeds was a bit dense and dry, but the creaminess of the gouda and herb cream cheese compensated. Just like trying the pasta instead of the tried-and-true Indian butter chicken on the previous United flight, I think I'll go back to my meat or salami sandwiches on Lufthansa!

The thing with getting on the last flight from Frankfurt to Valencia is that the arrival time is quite late, 11:30pm. Now on weekends, the very last metro leaves the airport just after midnight, which I have been able to catch as long as the flight is on time and baggage claim is quick. Unfortunately, this time we were delayed in both departure and arrival (I think due to late inbound aircraft?), and baggage claim took forever. So I had to take a taxi home: about 21€, not too bad.

Trip Report: United Economy SAN-SFO-FRA and the "new" United Club in SFO's International Terminal

Trip Report: United Economy SAN-SFO-FRA and the "new" United Club in SFO's International Terminal