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Goiko Grill: finally, a real hamburger in Valencia


The hamburger craze in Valencia started long before I arrived several years ago, and it's still going strong. I'm pretty sure I eat more burgers with my friends every year in Valencia than I used to in the US in fact.

The burgers here range from okay to pretty good, with the main complaints being:

- beef that doesn't really taste like beef, because of lots of added Worcestershire sauce or other flavorings

- beef that didn't have the texture of beef: with additives like vegetable fibers, burgers here often have the bouncy texture of sausages, and maintain an industrial cylindrical shape before and after cooking  

- bread that is too firm.

With the arrival of Goiko Grill, of all things a Madrid-based chain opened by Venezuelans, we finally have a real, honest-to-goodness burger in the city.

Valencia Eats: Menú del día at Macellum


Macellum is a restaurant located in my favorite corner of the old Valencia city center - the quiet, yet charming northeast part of the neighborhood. The streets are windy, the buildings are historic, but there is a distinct lack of tourists and touristy shops...

Valencia Eats: menú del día at El Kiosko


The first time I went to El Kiosko was within the first few months of arriving in Valencia.  I had rarely eaten out, and thought the price was great with huge portions.  I returned more recently for a second visit, and wasn't quite so impressed this time...