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Modena Impressions

There are some cities where I've not even gotten out of the taxi from the bus/train station/airport and already feel stressed and hectic (Rio de Janeiro). Others where I feel refreshed and alive (Oslo). Others were I only think of how soon I can get to air conditioning (any city in Asia in summertime).

Modena is a city where, just by walking a few minutes from the train station to my Airbnb in the city center, I felt calm, relaxed, and immersed in a sensation of refinement.

The colonnaded walkways, the streets gently curving about. It's such an elegant city.

These features are also distinctive. Watching the second season of Master of None with no context or background, I knew it was Modena where Aziz Ansari went to study pasta making before they even said it.

Sevilla Impressions


My first trip after moving to Spain was to Andalucia - to Granada and Córdoba which I both loved. Then I went a couple times to Basque Country, a couple times to Barcelona, and several times to Madrid. But somehow I'd not yet been to Sevilla, the capital of Andalucia...

Prague Castle


Prague Castle is one of the must-sees in Prague.  It's like a little village, with palaces, cathedrals, and houses inside of the walls...



Like Łódź, Katowice is also not on most tourists' itineraries, except maybe to catch the direct train to Prague...



Łódź is the third largest city in Poland, after Warsaw and Krakow, but it's not on most tourists' itineraries...

Nowa Huta


One of the best sights I saw on my Krakow visit was an afternoon trip to Nowa Huta, apparently one of only two Socialist Realism master-planned towns in the world...