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Naples Impressions

As gritty as the guidebooks make it out to be, Naples turned out to be incredibly exciting city, and the closest in feeling to the energy of a thriving Chinatown.

Impressions: Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is fairy tale charming. It's probably one of the things that compelled me to visit - it just seemed so "European!"

You imagine Beauty and the Beast taking place in a town like this; in fact, it's said that the town from which the Disney animators drew inspiration is just south of Strasbourg.

I think there are probably a few American apartment developments or subdivisions inspired by the Alsace region!

Formentera Day Trip Itinerary

Formentera is an island quite close to Ibiza, and popular for day-trippers. Here's an outline for an itinerary to get a taste of Formentera in one day.

First, there are a couple different ferry companies that go between Ibiza and Formentera. They're comparable in cost and all advertise a 30-minute "fast ferry" ride. Our trip time was more like 45-50 minutes! I can't imagine how long the 1-hour "slow ferry" would take... 

Our first stop was Ses Illetes, a narrow spit of land going into the sea. I just couldn't get over how clear and blue the waters were here!

Impressions: Ibiza

Before visiting Ibiza, I used to think of beaches and partying when I thought of the island.

I'm sure the partying is quite spectacular - the road from the airport to town was plastered with billboards promoting parties and clubs - and the beaches for sure are among the most picturesque in the world.

But I was surprised by what a charming the old town Ibiza was.