Trip Report: Valencia to Bogotá via Frankfurt

Trip Report: Valencia to Bogotá via Frankfurt

Off to South America!

As an American, there was something particularly exciting to fly between two continents that didn't involve coming to or going from my home continent of North America. Something about it makes me really feel like a global traveler!

The day started on Lufthansa 1165, the same flight from Valencia to Frankfurt that I took 3 weeks ago on my trip to California.

I had some time to visit the renovated lounge in Valencia airport. It's definitely an improvement: more open, updated furniture, a bit more natural light.

But the food's the same, with packaged mini-mart style sandwiches, yogurt, etc. This combination of pureed tomatoes, olive oil and crackers isn't bad, but reveals how fresh food is a bit scarce.

On board the flight, the flight attendants served a pecan braided pastry. Lufthansa economy food tends to be quite varied, with hardly a repeat in choice of sandwich or something sweet, but this I've had before.

In Frankfurt I had some time for plane-spotting. I was giddy with encountering Lufthansa's retro jet! Now, the current Lufthansa livery is so classic, the two liveries do look quite similar.

On board, I chose a seat towards the back in hopes of having a greater chance of having an empty seat next to me. And I was lucky! I also think Lufthansa tries to block seats next to Star Alliance Gold members, which is quite nice, and something I don't see anymore on United.

The flight attendants came around with crackers and beverage cart. This would be the "first course" of a United Economy meal service.

Then they came around with lunch: choice of chicken or pasta.

I chose the chicken, which came with potatoes, cream sauce, and creamed spinach. On the side, we had leaf lettuce salad, camembert and kaiser roll, mandarin orange(?) cake. For the beverage, the flight attendant remembered that I had ordered a ginger ale previously but said that they didn't have it at the time, but eventually he found a can and offered it. And I got my customary water with lemon.

I like how Lufthansa meals are always very complete, and served with real silverware too. (Main course did show an expiration date of November 18, 2018 on the lid!)

After collecting the trays, they offered after dinner coffee, and also Bailey's and other liquors. I took my dessert and chocolate praline with the coffee. How civilized!

Hazelnut wafers were offered as a semi-substantial midflight snack.

I thought it was interesting how the flight path took us due west from Frankfurt, over France, as opposed to flying over Spain. On a regular Mercator projection map, that's what appears as the most direct line between Frankfurt and Bogotá.

For the pre-arrival meal, we had a choice of... chicken or pasta again! This was the chicken which turned out to be served with barbecue sauce, and grits, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds. (On the cover of this entree it shows an expiration of October 22, 2018!)

It was accompanied by chocolate pudding with vanilla sauce, butter, and a roll.


I feel like Lufthansa always give little touches that make flying more humane, like offering more than one beverage with the meal, after dinner chocolates, fresh rolls.

Overall, a very pleasant flight as usual.

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