Trip Report: Lufthansa Premium Economy BOG-FRA-VLC Airbus A340-300

Trip Report: Lufthansa Premium Economy BOG-FRA-VLC Airbus A340-300

When I booked my flight to Bogotá, I just missed out on a Business fare that was only $300 or so more than Economy by the time I got around to purchasing, but I noticed that Premium Economy was just about the same price as Economy. It always pays attention to look at the price of higher cabins, because sometimes the difference is less than you expect - and even sometimes a bit cheaper!

Premium Economy on Lufthansa is a bit nicer than regular Economy (or for that matter, Economy Plus on United which gives you only a few more inches of legroom), but not quite the jump that I see on other airlines, perhaps Virgin Atlantic or American Airlines. I've never flown Premium Economy on those airlines, but from photos they seem more like a distinct class.

For one, Lufthansa's Premium Economy is separated from regular Economy with just an overhead screen instead of a bulkhead wall.

Still, with 2-3-2 seating vs. 2-4-2 Economy seating on this A340-300, you do get more space. A water bottle is also provided in the cubby in front of you.

Next to the seat is a neat amenity kit. It lacks the moisturizer and lip balm you might find in business class amenity kits, but I wouldn't say it's a big step down from the Samsonite kit I got on Lufthansa Business Class a couple years ago.

The Lufthansa branding is very discreet!

We were also offered a welcome drink - I overheard a flight attendant saying it was a mango-orange mix.

We were also provided with menus, where it was clear that the meal service was 90% the same as Economy class.

Once in the air, we got crackers and a beverage.

The meal choices were between a beef dish and pasta with tomato sauce. The pasta dish seemed particularly pedestrian, so I chose the beef, which was pretty tasty. It was served with a cucumber and mango salad, roll, and a peach tart. I looked back and the Economy meal was the same, only served in plastic dishes instead of china, and the dessert appeared to be some kind of strawberry mousse.

Since the main course is the same between Premium Economy and regular Economy, I suppose you'll never have the problem of them running out of your meal choice, but you perhaps the main course might show up in the regular foil dish, and sometimes a regular Economy passenger will end up with a porcelain dish. Silverware is real metal in Lufthansa Economy by the way, just like in Premium Economy.

There is greater recline in Premium Economy, and I must say I slept very well on this flight, about 5 or 6 hours!

Breakfast before arrival was an omelette with ratatouille and cubed potatoes, cantaloupe and watermelon, bread with butter ... and guayaba jam!! I also got both coffee and orange juice. And a very runny yogurt. I guess yogurt is like that in South America? Because I remember the yogurt at Kamma Guest House was also quite runny.

Finally, the flight attendant came around with a tray offering different flavors of Tic Tacs. This was the last differentiating treat for Premium Economy.

After a nice shower in the Senator Lounge in Frankfurt, it was time for my last flight, back to Valencia.

On this flight, there was a choice of cheese or salmon sandwich. I'd never gotten a choice of salmon sandwich before, so that's what I went with. It was really good, with a horseradish cream spread!

I was also impressed, on this flight the flight attendant addressed me by name when asking what I would like to drink I assume that was because of Star Alliance Gold status, as he didn't address anyone else by name. He also bade me farewell by name as I was deplaning. This did make me feel appreciated as a customer - even more so than when I fly on United, my "home" airline!

Speaking of home airline United, I felt very nostalgic seeing the 80s era United Airlines logo at the Valencia airport baggage claim. I guess since United isn't an airline that serves Valencia, no one really told them that their logo is 3 generations behind. It's the logo that I most associate with United since I grew up with it, so I say keep it like this!

The Ever-changing Senator Lounge Menu

The Ever-changing Senator Lounge Menu

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